A Detailed Leader Profile From My Placement

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Introduction: In this essay, public service leadership will be defined and analyzed. A detailed leader profile from my placement will be developed and described using Competing Values Framework, as this is the most effective model that helps leaders think differently about value creation and shows them how to clarify purpose, integrate practices, and lead people in an organisation. Competing Values Framework can be used to assess core competencies, decision-making, human resources practices, and leadership capabilities of a leader and organization as well. This study used a 360 Degree Feedback model, which provides a holistic view of the leader by gathering feedback from a leader’s manager, peers, and direct reports. Competing Values…show more content…
Inside each quadrant, there are two roles with a total of eight competing roles that leaders play in their organization: Mentor, Facilitator, Monitor, Coordinator, Director, Producer, Broker, and Innovator. Public service leadership: Even before we assume our full-time careers, we all encounter numerous leaders in different contexts, whether parents, teachers, non-profit or organizational leaders, who hold in their hands the power to inspire us. One such leader I came across, through my fellowship program, is Nathaalie N. Carey. Nathaalie is the first woman, first African-American and youngest person to be the director of Budget and Research for Broome County Government in New York. At 29, the native of Guyana managed Broome County’s combined $450 million operating capital and grant budgets. The Network Journal 's 40 Under-Forty Achievement Award recipient, Nathaalie is currently New York State Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner Of Administration And Chief Financial Officer. The reason I chose her for Competing Values Framework study is because she brings together knowledge, values, skills, and behaviors, and most importantly recognizes value in others and encourages them as well. For example, Nathaalie encourages me to think about work-related problems in new ways, provides opportunities for me to develop and grow, and prepares me for my next position in the organization. Competencies from
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