A Detailed Lesson Plan In English

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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English (Reading) I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to: a. State the sequence of the story b. Identify the different seasons describe c. Appreciate the story read II. Subject Matter Topic:

The Tiny Seed Reference:
Reading Network, pages 103- 108

Author: Delia Hamoy Soroy Materials: Charts, pictures

III. Procedure

A. Preparation Teacher’s Activities Pupils’ Activities
1. Energizer I have here a song entitled “ Minicar “. I’ll sing it first then afterwards we will sing it together. The song goes like this. Minicar(2x) Beep(3x) the minicar Stop and go(3x), the minicar Camera (2x) Click (3x) the camera Smile and pose (3x) to the camera B. Motivation Form 3 groups. Each group
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One of the seeds that drifted down in this place died because of the hot temperature. Six seeds were remained. How would you describe the tiny seed as it flew? The tiny seed flew very low but the wind pushed it on with the others. But after a long trip, the wind finally stopped and the seeds including the tiny seed gently fell down on the ground. But what happened to one of the seeds? One of the seeds was eaten by a bird. Was it the tiny seed that was eaten? No Teacher! Very Good! That’s correct It was not the tiny seed because the tiny seed was too small for the bird to see. There were five seeds remained. Then winter came. After a long period of sailing on the wind, the seeds have finally settled down and they were covered by snow. What happened to one of the seeds? One of the seeds was eaten by a mouse for his lunch who also lived on that place. So, four seeds were remained. Spring came and snow has melted. The sun shone and rain fell. Therefore seeds started to develop into plants but the tiny seed hasn’t begun to grow yet. However there was a big fat weed that took all the sunlight and the rain. What happened to one of the little plants? One of the little plants died because the plant cannot catch rain and get sunlight because it was covered by a big fat weed. There were three seeds remained. After sometime, the tiny seed started to grow into a plant. Because it was summer, children were out to play. What happened as they
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