A Detailed Study Of It And Telecom Industry And Market Trends

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3. The Market Following is a detailed study of IT and Telecom industry and market trends in relation to messengers. 3. a) Market Potential and Industry Analysis. Mentioned below are the variety of consumer trends and change in the relevant industries that are likely to create positive vibe for launching Meet. Shift towards internet use Telecom operator provides 4 basic services viz. Telephony (Voice calls), SMS, Video calls and Data usage. However, only data usage is likely to remain sustainable as other 3 are being replaced by VoIP (Viber), IM (Whatsapp) and Video Chats (Skype) respectively through use of data usage. The major shift has happened from SMS to IM. The shift began with websites like way2sms.com which offered free online messaging. It was cheaper but was still inconvenient due to logging on using a laptop or desktop. With the help of applications like Whatsapp, not only has it become more convenient to send texts but is also very fast as telecom operators use separate timeslots for data while the timeslots for SMS are common for the voice service as well. The shift can be understood, once we look at the report and forecast by Strategy Analytics (2014). It states that SMS, which used to be a major cash generator, had experienced a drop of 4% in revenue in 2013. Also it is likely to decrease by 20% by 17% compared to 2012. Also few figures regarding internet usage are note worthy. Approximately 22.5 TB data is transferred over internet in 1 second. The number of

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