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Truman Capote’s, “A Diamond Guitar”, is a mellow dramatic depiction of two people who fell into each other’s lives, needed each other, and who inevitably used one another. Throughout the story you are led to believe that there is two main protagonist characters, but the author discretely turns one of them into an antagonist during the climax. Mr. Schaeffer is an older man, trapped in a “prison” on a farm that is surrounded by woods. The prison being a metaphor for his mind’s lack of freedom, serves as a vivid image, making it easier to visualize the story. As Tico and Mr. Schaeffer were attempting to escape, Mr. Schaeffer tripped and fell, leaving Tico hovering over him for a few seconds. Tico managed to escape, but Mr. Schaeffer did not.…show more content…
Almost as if Mr. Schaeffer is the only one who is allowed to experience the joy from the guitar because of what he sacrificed for Tico. “Now it lies under Mr. Schaeffer’s cot, where its glass diamonds are turning yellow”, the guitar turns yellow just as Mr. Schaeffer’s hair turns greyer. The diamonds turning yellow is another strong image that we can see vividly. “In the night his hand sometimes searches it out, and his fingers drift across the strings: then, the world”. Tico had left Mr. Schaeffer happiness that he could access whenever he wanted. The concept is similar to the expression, “if you give a man a fish, you feed him for one night, you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”. Tico wouldn’t have been at the jail forever with Mr. Schaeffer, but he left him with the gift to bring himself his own

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