A Different History. Poem Essay

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A different History
Sujata Bhatt

The poem 'A different History', written by Sujata Bhatt is written post the British colonisation of India. The poem is based on Indian religion and a bit of Greek mythology. The poem talks about different cultures, mainly Indian and the colonisation of India. As Bhatt has experienced three different cultures; the Indian culture, the American culture and the German culture, the poem reflects on the differences in cultures and delves into mainly the Indian culture. The poem explores how the poet has evolved while moving from country to country and even delving into other religions. The poem also deals with conveying Bhatt's confusion surrounding her own identity, using many stylistic devices such as
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The theme of nature is seen here. The theme of religion is also introduced, as this line can be an allusion to the Indian Gods Shiva (who is known as Naga-Dev or snake god) and Hanuman (who played a major role in the Indian epic Ramayan). In another perspective Bhatt may be slightly mocking, having been away from her own religion for so long, she may be questioning whether her way of viewing things is indeed the right way. Again the semi-colon indicates a continuation. “every tree is sacred”
In this line Bhatt uses the formal word “sacred” to create a sense of respect as paper is made from trees and we get books and knowledge from paper. It can also be because trees are considered sacred in the bible. By making reference to the bible, Bhatt has included the Christian religion in the poem causing a clash between it and the aforementioned Indian religion. Again the theme of religion is reinforced. The pace seems to pick up due to the lack of punctuation such as colons, semicolons and full stops.

“and it is a sin to be rude to a book”
Not coincidentally Bhatt talks about books which are made from paper. She speaks of how you cannot be insulting towards books because when insulting books you are also insulting the goddess, Sarasvati. Again, you are also insulting knowledge, which Bhatt holds very dear to her having been brought up without much money and being taught to value
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