A Different History and Where I Come from Essay

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Elizabeth Brewster and Sujata Bhatt both suggest the significance of place in helping to shape a person’s identity in their poems but they do it in different ways. Brewster suggests that places change our identity when she writes “People are made of places”. This shows that every different place we visit we take the memories and experiences that we had there and keep them in our minds and hearts forever. Whereas Bhatt suggests that when we go to a new place we forget who we previously were and change ourselves so that we fit in with the new culture that we are living in. We know this from when she says “And how does it happen/ that after the torture”. This shows the struggle to keep your cultural heritage when you move places. In “A…show more content…
In “Where I Come From” Brewster uses the metaphor “ice and the breaking of ice”. This is to show that even though you are in a different place than you are used to you are ready to break the ice when meeting new people and having new experiences. Bhatt suggests that you bring the conventions to the country you move to from your old country and then you add to them from the things you learn in the new culture that you are living in. We know this because she says “Great Pan is not dead”. This also shows that your cultural heritage will never die as it will always be a part of you whether it’s obvious or not. Elizabeth Brewster suggests that places change our identities when she says “nature tidily plotted in little squares”. This gives us the impression that everyone in the city is the same and they are all neat and tidy busybodies. This differs from what Bhatt suggests when she says “Here, the gods roam freely, / disguised as snakes or monkeys”. This shows that in India you can be whoever or whatever you want without being judged by anyone and you can be unique. However “A Different History” is similar to what Brewster is suggesting as Bhatt writes “every tree is sacred”. This shows that everything and everyone is equal and has the same rights as each other. Brewster shows that in her homeland everything is different because there are, “battered

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