A Different Kind Of R & R

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A Different Kind of R&R One of the leading struggles for any type of brand, platform, or network in today’s technologically connected age is staying relevant. Arguably it is fairly easy to go viral on the Internet, but that does not necessarily mean long-term success after the excitement dies down. While individual people can benefit from and profit off of fifteen minutes of fame (I mean, have you seen all the things that Damn Daniel kid has been doing? He has gotten photoshoots, brand deals, and even invites to movie premiers!), companies like television networks need to see continual and enduring engagement with consumers in order to make money by selling advertising space and building up programs. Recently, the well-known TV network ABC Family revamped their entire brand identity and became Freeform, a relevant and relatable TV station focused on the new generation of “Becomers”, people ages 14-34, as they embark on the journey of becoming an adult. With a shift in their target demographic, a new and catchy name that represents their viewers’ values, and a distinct technological and social media presence, Freeform is attempting to navigate the rough waters of staying relevant and relatable to today’s youth. Freeform is a television network owned by parent company The Walt Disney Company and is a part of the Disney-ABC Television Group. As stated on The Wald Disney Company website, its mission “is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment…

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