A Different Look at the Approach of Being President

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Why should a woman be President of the United States? Well, the question should really be, “Why Not? Why has a woman not been elected president?” Women are capable to handle the assignments, duties, responsibilities, and obligations that a president must deal with. They have the same functioning body and mind as men, and perhaps a better moral compass. This paper will list some of the reasons why a woman should, one day, become President of the United States. The argument will also be backed by interviews and literature from other authors, and women who have researched and written about this topic.
It is tough to say a woman should be president and not give any legitimate reasons to back up why it would be a suitable selection. However,
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Bachmann made these claims as an answer to a question comparing the call for an African-American president as opposed to a woman president. She states her opinions as there is no guilt for women and what they have went through in our country’s history, and no one shares a desire for a woman to become president. There is some sort of truth in this statement that there is no desire for a woman president, but that does not change the facts and argument that a woman would make an outstanding leader. At the state our country was in, and looking at the incumbent president, there was some pressure for an African-American president to be elected and a lot of people got on board for Obama. It is highly believable that there would not be the same support for a woman candidate, white or black.
Another reason a woman would make a great applicant for president is their trait of responsibility, especially when it comes to finances. Women take less risks than men, and for that reason, they will make safer decisions when it comes to money. Men are likely to gamble, and risk what they have to make more money and in the process and possibly lose what they started with. This all goes
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