A Different Operating Style And Organizational Culture

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This outcome can have results of a company dealing with a different operating style and organizational culture (DuBrin, 2013, p. 474). An important part of leadership development is prepared for promotion, and it includes leadership succession. Moreover, leadership development is recognized in words as education and training, coaching and job experience. Self-help majorly gives to developing leadership abilities. A lot of forms are included with self-help, such as working alone to improve communication skills, for charisma to develop and for effective leader’s behavior be compared. Self-awareness and self-discipline are two major elements of leadership self-development (DuBrin, 2013, p. 475). Programs that will strongly help employees and other workers who need improvement are single-loop learning and double-loop learning. The terms single-loop learning and double-loop learning were made by Chris Argyris to differentiate levels of self-awareness. Single-loop learning takes place when minimum feedback is sought by learners that might essentially face their main ideas or actions. These types of learners tend to keep secure defensive thinking and not act on clues received. However, double-loop learning is in depth learning that takes place when people use feedback to face a goals quality or values applied in a situation (DuBrin, 2013, p. 475). Therefore, important goals are achieved by organizing self-discipline by a person’s efforts and energy to remain focused. This type of
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