A Different Perspective Of Public Speaking

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I 've come away from this class with a different perspective of public speaking. In the grand scheme of education, effective speaking is common. But more often than not, professors fail to offer students the tools they need to construct and deliver a speech. You could say that I 'm somewhat hypercritical, but I expect the majority of my professors to grasp the essence of public speaking. Nonetheless, now that I 've spent this semester implementing various argumentative techniques, I 've seen one of my professors misinterpret public speaking. There was one class in which he had a lesson dedicated towards public speaking. My expectations, as a result, were for him to offer helpful advice. Instead, his take on the subject devalued the unique of the aspects I 've learned from this class. Thus, he cheapened public speaking as a whole. The purpose of my speech is to stress how important it is to place this subject in a greater context. Using one of my other classes as a comparison, I 'm hoping to recap how this class is unlike anything students could expect to find throughout their college endeavors. Regardless of the different objectives each class aims for, public speaking should factor in each of them. Otherwise, the educational experience is incomplete. In continuing to use my other class as a reference, I will first discuss the details of how the professor steered us towards public speaking. The name of the class was "Writing Southeast Asia," which focused on the cultural
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