A Different Perspective of Satan in Paradise Lost by John Milson

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In the first book of Paradise Lost, Milton writes about how Satan was the closest angel to God. Milton’s attempt at making Satan a sympathetic character evolved after his original audience had seen it, because in modern times it is much easier to sympathize with Satan than it was many years ago. The perspective of Satan has changed a lot. In modern times, we view Milton’s retelling of Satan’s story as a story of struggling against great odds, Satan’s being spoon fed powers, and Satan and the Fallen Angels optimism for Hell. In the first book of Paradise Lost, created by Milton, he writes about Satan’s struggle against great odds in order to make Satan a more attractive character in his epic. For example, “Th' infernal Serpent; he it was, whose guile stird up with Envy and Revenge, deceiv'd” (from Milton’s Paradise Lost, line; 34-35), in this example Milton wrote about how Satan was the closest angel to God, which meant that Satan’s attempt to overthrow God was not entirely shocking considering how envious Satan was of God because God was considered more powerful than Satan. Satan, in his actual attempt to overthrow God, gathered up many Legions of Angels in attempt to overthrow God. God drove him and his crew out of Heaven and sent them to Hell. After they were thrown into Hell, you felt…
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