A Different View From Just Banning Guns

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There have been problems with gun laws in the past. Most of them are ineffective or they never get passed. Recently, gun laws have been surfacing around the news. President Barack Obama wants to ban certain guns and attachments, but Obama is taking the wrong approach. Instead of banning guns outright, which he cannot do because it is our second amendment right to own guns, he should approach reducing gun violence in a different way. Here is a quote from John Ashman saying that eliminating certain guns does not stop gun violence: "All firearms by nature are deadly, so eliminating certain kinds of firearms doesn 't directly address the issue in any meaningful way" (Ashman para. 2). This is why we need to take a different view from just banning guns. I 'm here to propose a better bill that will affect our citizens for a long period of time. This bill will decrease gun violence in the United States without taking guns out of the equation. Gun laws that are ineffective have had a large impact on this age. More school shootings and more violence has happened due to the horrible laws in place. The laws are not stopping any violence at all. Try imagining people getting murdered with guns, the shooter with total disregard for life. He brutally shoots people many times to release his frustration upon the world. This is why we need better laws to stop this kind of tragedy from happening. People can get easy access to guns anywhere in the United States. The problem is that someone

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