A Different World to Tuscany, Italy

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I still vividly recall my mum shouting from the kitchen, "What do you think of Tuscany? A bit of a change for us, don't you think?". "We are going with the cousins, see? this time you won't have to be stuck with old me", she chuckled as though knowing I'd be hesitant. I began to daydream, few recollections of famous Italian landmarks and images sprung to mind, but nothing out of the ordinary. How was Italy really like?
Distant shouts of precautious parent calling their children into the shade, to rub them with more SPT 50+ sun cream. The sun was a growing fireball in the distance , its unbearable heat causing droplets of sweat to drip down people's bodies. Without needing to be persuaded by the shimmery expanse of endless blue waters, I made my way towards it. As I walked past toddlers and children building sand castles, I could feel the warm embrace of sand beneath my feet and the sudden change in texture of smooth stones. By the rippling water, I found shinny seashells that had been washed to shore. I collected a few and stopped to admire the shells that had entered into my possession, as I studied the shells more it became apparent to me that each shell possessed its own vibrant design. Pastel pinks infused with purples, greens and blues. I remember looking up at the horizon, the sun reflecting onto the sea created a tranquil and serine atmosphere. For a brief moment, I had felt guilty for not bringing my camera down to the waters.
Looking back, I remember thinking to
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