A Difficult Challenge For Caregivers Of Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd ) Isn 't Easy

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Facing a difficult challenge for caregivers of young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) isn 't easy, yet it 's hard due to the fact of deciding on the proper treatment plan for the child. Programs emphasizing usage of structured settings, tight stimulus control, and adult-directed instruction are labeled as current evidence that supports the early educational interventions which is based on the developmental and applied behavioral-analytic principles leading to the models that focus on opportunities of naturalistic delivery of learning within child-led routines. Nevertheless, calibration with intervention gains of treatment approaches from substantial to modest and resulting in treatment approaches to be variable. Limitation is…show more content…
Testing the effect of every possible combination of evidence-based interventions and every possible factor that might be related to outcomes is logistically unfeasible. Therefore, a research program informed by theory-driven hypotheses is crucial for facilitating a rational use of research resources in these areas (Vivanti, 2017, p.114-115). The ASD is an early intervention field due to having a relevant obstacle in the research agenda at a "pre-paradigmatic" stage (Kuhn, 1962)-which is a stage where practices are informed by competing meta-theoretical orientations (e.g., behavioral theory, cognitive theory, and developmental theory) operate in consonance with disparate vocabularies and criteria used for appraising evidence (Ingersoll, 2010; Smith, 2014). Different treatments of individualization and combination have to generate testable prognosis, current frameworks of "pre-paradigmatic" should be developed into full-fledged scientific theories which utilize parameters and constraints to formulate treatment targets and therapeutic change of hypothesized nature. In this research, the hypothesis of treatment used will oblige the reformulation of rationales treatment in four sets of explicit terms of explanatory/predictive statements which are (1) logical coherence, (2) falsifiability, (3)

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