A Difficult Relationship Analysis

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One experience that I recently went through was thinking about whether or not I wanted to rethink staying in a difficult relationship or if is just something that was causing frustration between us. We had a conversation one day in my car and we were talking about what the relationship was doing to us as individuals. He said, “I am doing my best to be honest with you about our relationship.” I responded, “I have always been honest throughout our entire relationship, but you really haven’t. Although you say you have been truthful, your actions prove otherwise and I am not sure what to do.” He then stated, “When I do lie, it isn’t as bad as you think. I’m still a good person.” I stated, “That is not the point, you should be consistent with your words and your actions.” He was telling me that he is an honest partner, but when it came to his actions they showed otherwise. This was something that made me feel that there was dissonance going on with him. One way that this experience relates to the theory is that it is an example of Self-consistency: The Rationalizing Animal because this is a cause and effect of dissonance. This shows that his decision to lie is…show more content…
I learned that when you’re in a relationship with someone who isn’t consistent with their words and actions it not only shows you that they are dealing with dissonance, but it causes you to deal with your own form of dissonance. You think to yourself whether the relationship is not worth saving or if it is just a rough patch. You sometimes cannot see the error between the two. In dealing with dissonance there are ways that you can reduce dissonance. One way I learned is by using self-affirmation. I know that I don’t need to justify my action for leaving my relationship because my words, beliefs, and actions are consistent with each
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