A Difficult Trial: Jury undecided Essays

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We the jury find the defendant, Not Guilty!

Today is the last day of the trial. We have heard all of the witnesses and now we know that we must deliberate. I know that some of the “witnesses” are liars. Some make valid points and I know without a doubt in my mind that Captain Preston is an innocent man and that his men were provoked. As I listened to the witnesses, here is what I came to believe:
The witnesses for the prosecution have very different stories as do some of the witnesses for the defense. Ebenezer Hinkley testified to the fact that the crowd became rowdy and accosted to guards with sticks and other flying objects. He claims he saw Montgomery gets hit before he fired the first shot and said he was approximately 16 feet away
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After the first shot was fired, he heard someone say fire but could not distinguish who. I think that Jane Whitehouse is lieing for the prosecution. She seems to try to implicate a 3rd party that wasn’t the captain nor on of his men.
Preston’s deposition seems to be nothing but the truth if not exagerated to some extent. He states that the crowd became unruly and that he never gave the order to fire. Why would a man give the order to fire when standing between his men and the crowd as he stated and several witnesses concurred? After the danger to their well-being became to much and they were stuck, the men took it upon themselves to fire back and it seems that the order to fire came from someone in the crowd.
Taking the eyewitness tetimony into consideration, I decided to address some issues that I had. Many of the witnesses seemed to be to far away to really distinguish what was going on with it being so dark. I am still unsure why the firebell was ringing when there was no fire. This is just a personal opinion, but I think someone wanted this crowd to assemble for a reason. Listening to the testimony, I believe that the crowd did become aggressive and fairly large in size. I feel that the crowd came to close to the men and began to throw objects at them. When one flying object struck a soldier, Montgomery, he fired back. There may have come an order to fire after the second shot but I am

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