A Dim View Of The Shah

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a dim view of this effort by the Shah. The Shah was naive in these matters, he had trouble making decisions, he was more of a manipulator then leader. A manipulator has trouble making decisions, potentially they can be manipulated if they do make decisions. In 1970 Charles Mora met with Henry Kissinger, John Rockefeller, and the president of Chase Manhattan Bank. Chase help most of the reserves in an account for the Iranian government. Mora was uneasy, “Have you seen what the Shah is doing in terms of policy?”, Kissinger replied in his baritone voice “I have, people are getting uneasy”, “do you think it 's time for a change” “Perhaps, it is a tricky situation”. Rockefeller chimed in for the first time, “Marxism is more acceptable then communism, we need to choose carefully.” “What did you have in mind” Kissinger asked ? Rockefeller continued “Marxist 's are committed to a globalization, no countries or boarders, it correlates more with human nature, Socialist and Communists tend to produce a competitive nationalism”. “I understand”, Mora said, “so the Shah is more of a nationalist.” “Correct”, said Rockefeller, Kissinger then spoke up “So we have to support someone who is more Marxist as it will be accepted by the general population”. “Aren 't Marxists the most brutal of all the philosophies, asked Mora, “Yes” said Rockefeller, “but that 's what we need now”. Kissinger added “Marxist 's will promise the world, everything is free, to a beaten down people this will
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