A Disappeared World By Chris Lowney

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A vanished World written by Chris Lowney chronicles the daily life of the Jews, Muslims and Christians, living in the Muslim kingdoms in Medieval Spain. He covers different spectrum of this world that was torn by religious antagonism. In Medieval Spain, in the medieval Spanish villages Muslims, Christians, and Jews rubbed shoulders on a daily basis. They shared irrigation system, bathhouses, municipal ovens, and marketplaces. But they created a system that made everything work efficiently. Medieval Spaniards introduced Europeans to paper manufacture, Hindu-Arabic numerals, philosophical classics, algebra, citrus fruits, cotton, and new medical techniques. More astonishing than Spain 's wide-ranging accomplishments, however, was the…show more content…
Rising above politics, propaganda, and name-calling, A Vanished World provides a hopeful meditation on how relations among these three faith groups have gone wrong and some ideas on how to make their interactions right. This book is not a conventionally styled history of the kings, battles and dynasties of Spain from 711 to 1492, but a work that makes medieval Spain’s thrilling and horrific stories about the adaptation and collision who the three great monotheistic faiths that Chris Lovey begin this book in 711 C.E. when about 10,000 Muslim invaders from North Africa came up with a plot to conquer the Iberian Peninsula, which had a population of 5 million. The Muslims ended up vanquishing the Visigoth monarchy in Spain and Spain became the first and only Islamic state to take root on mainland Europe. The Visigoth are descendants of northern European barbarians who had seized control of the Iberian Peninsula about two centuries prior, but under their rule the economy suffered. When the Muslim conquered the Peninsula and began their rule, the economy and cultural life began to flourished. They had advance technology and trade system that was unrivaled in Europe. Even though the Muslims had a pretty unchallenged ruling, the Christians rulers were still in the north with resentment, waiting to reconquer Spain from the Muslims. The Muslims, Jews and Christians embraced and rejected each
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