A Disappeared World By Chris Lowney

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A Vanished World by Chris Lowney Book Report A vanished World written by Chris Lowney chronicles the daily life of the Jews, Muslims and Christians, living in the Muslim kingdoms in Medieval Spain. He covers different spectrum of this world that was torn by religious antagonism. In Medieval Spain, in the medieval Spanish villages Muslims, Christians, and Jews rubbed shoulders on a daily basis. They shared irrigation system, bathhouses, municipal ovens, and marketplaces. But they created a system that made everything work efficiently. Medieval Spaniards introduced Europeans to paper manufacture, Hindu-Arabic numerals, philosophical classics, algebra, citrus fruits, cotton, and new medical techniques. More astonishing than Spain 's wide-ranging accomplishments, however, was the simple fact that until the destruction of the last Muslim Kingdom by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492, Spain 's Muslims, Christians, and Jews often managed to bestow tolerance and freedom of worship on the minorities in their midst. A Vanished World chronicles this panoramic sweep of human history and achievement, encompassing both the agony of Jihad, Crusades, and Inquisition, and the glory of a multi-religious, multi-cultural civilization that forever changed the West. Chris Lowney in his writing showed how these three controversial religious groups once lived and worked together in Spain, creating commerce, culture, art, and architecture. He reveals how these three faith groups eventually

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