A Disaster Avoided By Naomi Klein

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A Disaster Avoided

One day while traveling on the Hyperloop home from work, I found myself looking out upon the Californian countryside and thinking about the climate data I was poring over at work. It indicated that in 2015 the earth was heading in a spiral of destruction due to climate change and I found myself imaging how I would be looking at an arid desert right now if not for the intervention of both politicians and citizens. This subject piqued my interest and I decided to do a bit of follow-up research on the subject. I quickly found evidence that policy makers in 2015 read Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate as well as other environmental texts and took the key lessons to heart. As I began this research, I developed questions to help guide my search. What were the insights that people learned from those books? How, specifically, did they implement these sources? What were the most significant environmental, political, and cultural changes that came about in the 21st century that brought global society to the hopeful place it is in 2115?

From policymakers to individual citizens, everyone grew to realize the statistics that were warned about by many climatologists were quite real. A 2°C change in temperature was identified as the threshold between dangerous and extremely dangerous climate change. If the 2°C average warming of the earth happened, then a 6°C change could have been expected around the poles and even higher in…

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