A Disconnect Between Mainstream Medicine And The Psycences

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Introduction There has long been a disconnect between mainstream medicine and the psycences. Due to the dietary changes, availability and increase in consumption of alcohol, chemical toxins, improvements in medicare, spread of infectious agents, and increased rates of immigration causing new forms of social stresses - that have all come about since the Industrial Revolution, there is an assumption within society that these circumstances are all to blame for the “rise in insanity” (Savelli, 2017). In most Western societies, the deinstitutionalization process within mental health has been in progress for several decades (Karlsson, &Markström, 2012, p. 289). The Twentieth century saw a growth in the size and importance of disciplines…show more content…
Historic Significance The study of mental illness has a long and rich history within medical sociology and health studies, dating back to at least the 1930s (Cook, et. al, 1995, p. 95). Many of the theoretical and methodological contributions of early medical studies were developed in research that was focused on the personal experiences of individuals with psychiatric disorders, along with the social conditions to which they were subject to (Cook, et. al, 1995, p. 95). For most of this century, the treatment of those suffering with mental illness has been centred around the institutionalization of the mentally ill within asylums, and hospitals (Cook, et. al, 1995, p. 95). In saying that however, over the last few decades, the mental care services have experienced a momentous shift, that has dramatically altered the lives of those with serious mental illnesses (Cook, et. al, 1995, p. 95). By the mid 1970s, state and federal efforts regarding the deinstitutionalization of inpatients was well underway, having begun in the 1950s and peaking in the 1980s (Mowbray, &Holter, 2002, p. 136). When initiated in 1977, the Federal Community Support Program sought to make ex-patients, consumers and family members viable stakeholders in the delivery of mental

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