A Disconnect From Ideologies Opposite From Ones Own

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Mario Serna


A disconnect from ideologies opposite from ones own, appears to be the obvious and simple response. Opposite architectural theoretical ideas such as solid vs void, ideas vs talent, program vs paradigm, object vs context, literal vs phenomenal transparency, amongst others are discussed and analyzed in many of Colin Rowe 's writings. Rowe, a British-born, architectural historian, critic, theoretician, teacher and a major intellectual influence on world architecture and urbanism believes in a synthesis rather than neglecting either of the ideas (Wikipedia) . An architect who seems to embody this principle of synthesizing ideas is Rem Koolhaus/OMA. His project, Seoul National University Museum of Art , will be used as a case study to try to visualize and understand what Colin Rowe clearly discussed in many of his writings.

Figure 1 Image


OMA was commissioned to develop the New University Museum Of Art In Seoul, completing its deign in 2005. Three components were key in driving the design:

Connection and placement on the site

Sliced geometry adjusted to fit on a sloping hillside


The Museum sits on a path that connects the campus and the local community , breaking the link between them. To solve this, a series of sectional diagrams were created, showing a path slicing of the new building to maintain the existing connection (figure 2). This created sliced geometry is adjusted to fit…
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