A Discourse Community Of The World Acts And Communicates Is Influenced By One Or A Best Friend?

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Discourse communities are everywhere. Everywhere we and go and almost everything we do relates or falls into a discourse community of some sort. Whether it’s a long, pointless conversation on the phone with a best friend or being part of a school croquet club, it’s part of a unique discourse community in some way. Every discourse has it’s own distinct qualities and almost all have a different way of communicating. These discourses are strong influences on all of our personalities. The way every human in the world acts and communicates is influenced by one or multiple discourse communities. The main non-academic discourse that I consider myself to be a part of is weightlifting. I used to be the kid, 5 feet, 4 inches tall and 110 pounds,…show more content…
The gym was so confusing. Everyone had an odd lingo that I had never had any experience with. They used certain words that I had never heard before. They dressed in revealing clothes. I was unable to figure out the distinction between sets and reps, which it turned out that those two words are the most utilized terms in weightlifting. I always heard words like lat, core, one rep max, spot, lower, etc. It was comparable to learning a new language for me. But with time and learning, I came to understand what was being said or asked in the gym environment. Seeing my father go everyday and him being an authority figure, definitely inspired my love for weightlifting. To this day I love the discourse community of weightlifting and consider myself an avid member who plans to be a member until my body ceases to cooperate. In weightlifting, there are certain ways to communicate and talk about lifting or what is being done. Every exercise has a name that is commonly known among the discourse community, such as dumbbell side raises, decline bench press, front lat pulldown, and those are just a few examples. There are hundreds of terms for naming exercises.The most commonly used terms in weightlifting are rep and set. A rep is repetitions of the movement and a set is how many times someone performs a number of reps. In order to function is this community, I had to learn these words considering they were thrown around
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