A Discussion Of Faith Rose Surrounding The World Trade Center

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After the Brussels massacre that took place on March 22nd, a question of faith rose surrounding the sanctity of the Islamic faith. In an article meant to expose answers to this very question John Kasich brings up a point that when people claim France is at war with Islam, they actually should be referring to radical Islam. This point pulled further controversy as those who were not Islamic began to wonder if the faith condoned suicide bombings in the name of expelling infidels and bringing the coming of the Caliphate. Another case mentioned in the same article details the prosecution of the Blind Sheikh, whose terrorist group attempted to bring down the World Trade Center back in 1993. While the U.S. government had attempted to paint…show more content…
Muslim conquests lasted from 622 AD to 750 AD, and would continue to move forward until the 18th century. These expansions of religion and politics were led by dynasties of Caliphs , beginning with the prophet Muhammad and then the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs. Islam spread from Mecca to Medina and furthered into central Asia, North Africa, Spain, and parts of the old Byzantine and Persian empires. Despite this, there is a large misunderstanding about the spread of Islam during this period of time and why the expansion of the Catholic Church after the Dark Ages instead takes precedence in Western Europe. The halt of the expansion of Islamic rule in Europe can be linked back to the Battle of Tours back in 733 AD. This battle was meant to be the Islamic Empires first expansion into Europe nearing the end of the period called the Dark Ages in European history. This resulted in the expansion of the early modern Catholic Church in Europe during the Renaissance and the misunderstanding of Islamic politics. The Prophet Muhammad’s large influences over the foundations of Islam helped shape its empire into a powerful militant group that would result in the unification of Arabia in 622 AD . From there, Muhammad would be looked to by many as both a religious prophet and a competent military leader. Conquests made my Muhammad lasted from 622 CE to
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