A Discussion Of The Heliocentric View

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The heliocentric view supported Cohen’s argument by saying that people shouldn’t believe that the Earth is the center but in reality the center is the sun. People disagreed because the church explained that because the moon revolved around us then everything revolved around us. This statement was reasonable because they didn’t have a strong telescope to see that we actually revolve around the sun. The telescope was discovered by Galileo and because of this instrument people discovered that we aren’t actually the center but in reality the sun is the center of the galaxy. Another discovery that supports Cohen’s argument is the printing press which helped society read and learns to be more educated. These books were rare and only people who can afford were rich people. Until someone created the printing press is when people actually had a chance to read even though they weren’t rich. This…show more content…
Also Leonardo Da Vinci’s discovery in the anatomy of the body. He uses pure math and science to discover the body by using circles and squares. This explains that stuff can be proven not by the church but by math and science. The Heliocentric View explains to people that Earth is not the center but actually the sun is the center of the galaxy. This was discovered not by the church but by the people who wanted to know if the earth was the center. This came to be when they notice that the moon was circling around us, which made people assume that everything revolves around us. But didn’t put thought that we circle the sun which is why we get night and day. They also noticed that we don’t revolve in a perfect circle but in an elliptical shape. This was found by using math and not the belief in church. Because of these discoveries we can now assume everything can be proven my math and science and not rely in our beliefs. This explains that for most of stuff we encounter it might be proven by math and
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