A Discussion On Alcoholics Anonymous

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Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most widely known and used 12 step groups, it was found in 1935 by two men who wanted to share and support those who wanted to become sober. Currently I am in California so I had to search for a meeting here and I was able to find a 12 step meeting at a local church that took place in the morning. My thoughts before the meeting were interested as well as nervous. I never went to one of these meetings nor do I know what one is about. Im not to sure what AA entails so I was interested in learning about it. Currently my boyfriends father is a recovering alcoholic so going to this made me think of him and I believe may help me understand him, his thought, and his feelings a little better. Before the meeting I began to read that AA does not discriminate including to those with other addictions, but closed meetings are specifically for those battling addicting to alcohol (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2012). When I arrived they had coffee and refreshments open to anyone which i found thoughtful and a good way to get people talking. I saw mainly people with families there who seemed to be going for support. I was still a little apprehensive going by myself as a student and at the time did not feel open to sharing. A man came to the front and stated he is the speaker for this meeting and welcomed us to an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. The meeting began with a moment of silence for those who are sick and a prayer. After the prayer the speaker spoke
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