A Discussion On The California Drought

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Drought Research Paper In a discussion on the California drought, one controversial issue has been that if the people in California should be worried about relocating somewhere else. One the one hand, the drought not only affects the people, but animals, and crops too. On the other hand, some hope that the government will intervene and try to do something to prevent this disaster from escalating so people don’t have to move out of the area. The government should intervene and help find a solution to the problem so people, animals, and agricultural can continue to survive. My brother, Edgar lives on the Garcia Ranch he is surrounded by mother nature. There is the smell of dry dirt, and when the wind blows, you can smell the citrus groves, that can be seen everywhere. The taste of the fresh fruit that has grown from the trees, it tastes better than the ones you buy at the local store. Waking up at six o’clock in the morning from the rooster crowing at the top of their lungs, lets my brother know that it’s time to get up and do his chores. As, he walks out of his door, he can see the sunset connecting to the horizon- the beauty of nature is at its finest. I love going to visit him at his ranch because I get to enjoy the peace and quiet that I would not get in the city. Now with the lack of water, what use to be a good place to come to now feels as this little piece of earth goes thirsty. It is difficult for my brother because he is having trouble water getting water for
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