A Discussion about the Characteristics of Business Leadership

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Characteristics of business leadership The discussion over the characteristics of business leadership would be structured into two parts, the first of these dealing with the challenges to which modern day business leadership has to respond, and the second integrating the characteristics of the good business leader, namely the features and traits expected of the good leader. In terms of the challenges confronting the modern day business leaders, these are numerous and complex and include threats and changes from both the internal environment of the firm, as well as the external environment. At an internal level, a first notable pressure is represented by the changing role of the staff members. In this order of ideas, the staff members were traditionally the organizational force operating the machines and implementing the decisions made by the managers. Today however, the staff members are the most valuable organizational asset (Warren and Reeve, 2006). This change in the perception of the staff members is largely due to an important change of the external business climate, namely the generalized tendency to focus more on services, rather than agriculture and industrial operations. This feature is mostly visible within the more economically developed countries, but is gradually emerging as a global trend. In the setting of firms delivering services predominantly, the employees become more valuable not as machine manipulators, but as owners of intellectual capital.
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