A Discussion on Food Additives in China

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Food additives in China While it currently seems perfectly normal to consume products that contain diverse additives, some products contain substances that are especially harmful and that are illegal in most areas. While conditions are somewhat stable in developed countries, things are critical in more vulnerable territories as the authorities have little to no resources to fight the current. Countries like China have experienced a serious war against food additives during recent years, but the authorities have had no success in providing the public with a safer environment. It appears that food producers keep finding more and more elaborate methods to introduce dangerous additives in their products without being persecuted by the government. Food additives are a common concept around the globe, but matters in China are different, as more than two thousand additives are currently considered legal in the country. The fact that human rights are a very delicate matter in China further contributes to bringing confusion to the situation. "Nearly 90-percent of the food on the market contain some additives" (Background: Food additives overeating harmful to health). Even with the fact that it has a limited influence over the additives being provided to the general population, the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that local authorities played an important role in preventing illegal substances from being distributed. The authorities are actively involved in this conflict and are
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