A Discussion on the Necessity of Mothers Essay

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A Discussion on the Necessity of Mothers Attachment as described by psychologists Kennell ‘is an emotional bond between two individuals that endures trough space and time, and serves to join them emotionally’. A bond that develops between child and caregiver provides the child with emotionally security. The question ‘are mothers necessary?’ has been a much-discussed debate. In order to answer either for or against the necessities of mother, many theories attempt to explain attachment. Familiar people who have responded to the child’s needs for physical care and stimulation are the child’s attachment figures. Infants form attachments with their primary care givers, usually the mother.…show more content…
If attachments do form in childhood, the type of attachment or strength of attachment can be assed. Attachment theories often attempt to measure attachment and conclude that children are either insecurely attached or securely attached. Psychologist Ainsworth distinguished between two types of insecurely attached (avoidant and ambivalent /resistant). The strange situation was a way to measure the strength of attachment between child and caregiver. Ainsworth pioneered the way for distinguishing between the types of attachments with the strange situation experiment. Ainsworth concluded the care-giving hypothesis from these studies, which supported the broad claim that characteristics of care giving such as maternal sensitivity, continuity, and ‘the harmony of customary’ interactive style, all indicated which group the attachment type should be labelled. The secure type child seeks protection or comfort and receives care consistently from the mother. The mother is usually rated as loving and affectionate. The avoidant type is a child who generally ignores and pulls away from the mother. The mother is usually rated is rejecting of the child’s attachment behaviour. The resistant type is when the infant tends to stay close to their mother. The
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