A Dishonest Son

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Jothon Akiem, a poor boy from the farming village in Waterfield was 16 years old when this story took place. Jothon was fair complexion with short curly brown hair and light brown eyes that shone like diamonds as he looked at you while speaking. He was a very obedient and hardworking son of his widowed mother. He would always be seen busily running errands for his mom and whenever he came in contact with his friends or an elderly person he always flashed a smile that showed even white teeth. Since his father’s death, money for his maintenance had kept decreasing, as was seen by the oversized clothes he wore. They seemed to be two sizes big for him, but he never showed signs of embarrassment. He always seemed happy. However, there must have been times when he felt sad and lonely because whenever one visited the farm he could be seen sitting under a large mango tree, with his chin in his hands, and tears trickling down his cheeks. His mother tried her best to guide him to become a respectful young man, and she especially expected him to treat young women the way his father treated her. Somehow her hopes for his future were dashed when in his mid-teenage years; she was confronted with his inappropriate behavior. She was surprised to learn that he was not the truly honest son she believed he was. Jothon attended a small school in Waterfield: Switzerland High. Despite his poor background he got along fairly well with everyone. He was incredibly gifted with intelligence, so all
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