A Disputing Love

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SETTING: Describe your setting. When and where does your play begin? Set the tone of your play here. The play takes place in a beautiful castle in Greece. The castle looks over a breath taking lake, and a gorgeous garden. Today, the castle is holding a flower festival. The prince will have to who he wants to marry. He could either choose Lydia who is a simple girl who truly appreciates life. She’s thankful for everything she has, and is in it for love. Then he has the option of choosing Athena. Athena is a very beautiful woman who is very vain. She has never met Alexander, but it’s just an arranged marriage that his father set up. Athena is very money hungry, and strives to hold power in the kingdom. Today, the castle is holding a flower festival. At the festival everyone is welcomed even the staff. This is where Alexander will give his rose to someone he sees himself marrying. Scene I: In this scene we find Athena and Corinna getting ready for the flower festival. Corrina is giving Athena advice. Athena “I’m excited to meet the prince. It won’t be long until I call him mine.” Corrina “I don’t think it will be that easy Athena.” Athena “Why he will choose power and wealth over a peasant.” Corrina “I don’t know. He has been seen with the maid. I’ve heard through the servants that he loves her.” Athena “A maid will never take my place as queen. If I have to take her out then I will.” Corrina “You mean you will make me take her out.” Athena “That’s why you’re my
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