A Distant Mirror Reading Assignment Part 1 Answers and Feudalism in Europe Answers

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Uncertain and antipodal information in regards to dates, numbers, and logical facts. foreword: xv
The overburden of negative information based upon events. foreword: xviii
The reunification of the material word 2: 36
The thought that money was evil and beauty vain 2: 36
Desire for anything, knowledge etc., was vainglory 2: 36
Nobles had control over all other non-nobles within his territory, excluding clergy and merchants of a free town. 1: 16
Nobles were tax-exempt 1: 16
Country: France 2: 24
City: Avignon 2: 24
Boniface VIII died a month after being arrested by Philip IV’s agents. 2: 25
King Philip VI of France initiated the 100 Years War 2: 48
Children were mostly left alone
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With a centrally controlled government, all these processes are made possible, and thus the government we have today is created.
The second characteristic was that feudal lords and their subordinate followers were drawn from a class of heavily armored horse-riding fighting men. These men formed tight bonds within their own ranks, and brought into the light, fiefs and vassal. In society today these can only slightly be considered as ties that hold together gangs or the Mafia. So in reality, we have nothing like vassalage and fiefs.
Third and finally was that the economic system of feudal Europe was agrarian. Europe relied upon farmers to cultivate crops and bring food in from only their country. Each small town, castle, settlement, etc, needed to contain it’s own certain set of farmers to help sustain the whole population of said settlement. In society today, we do farm from our own lands but we also import food and crops that we need in seasons we cannot grow in ourselves. All of the advances that we have made from the time of the 10-13th century to present day, have either put us two steps ahead of the game, or set us back in certain areas. In this respect, we have grown exponentially and continue to as each year passes, whereas in Europe, stagnated and did not grown as much as it could of it it’s time.
2. Vallassage: The personal bond of loyalty and obedience by which a warrior promised service to a lord or chieftain in return for

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