A Distressed Family Essay

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A distressed family leaves their country in hopes to attain a better life in America. They live in poverty and injustices are done against them. They sell everything and head off the border. After many struggles, they finally reach America. Along with them is their 2-year-old son. He has no idea about what is going on. He is not familiar with his identity. His family settles down in the States and it turns out he is extremely intelligent. He is a straight A student throughout high school and the professors are raving over what he is capable of. He applies to the top colleges, but it turned down by most for lack of documentation. The few that get back to him give him no financial aid. The boy begins working odd jobs around town and gets paid under the table… At first he questions authority but then just weeps over his unattainable potential and accepts the fact that he will have to work for low wages the rest of his life. When we were all young in school, the brightest amongst us competed for the best grades and the most stickers. It was what fueled us to do better. We were all equal and all had the same opportunities. Our report cards depended on our dedication and commitment. Nothing depended on our legal status in the United States, and not many of us understood what this meant in the first place. Unfortunately, some of the brightest of our peers would eventually grow up and be denied acceptance in high-ranking universities due to their lack of documentation. If they
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