A Diverse Community Of Acceptance

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As every individual on this world has their own unique traits and qualities, I, too, have my own unique beliefs and values. I am an environmental, adventurous, traditional, tolerant, and traditional person. I have a deep connection with the environment, and I very much appreciate the natural beauty that exists in this world. I am easily saddened by witnessing environmental destruction and devastation. I like to travel and discover new places. I tend not to plan and let my car take me to new places. I have a sense of tradition and heritage. I endeavour to uphold, preserve, and continue my Turkish heritage, as I want my unique traditions kept alive. I am also a very tolerant person towards other people’s lifestyle choices. I want people to respect my differences, and, in turn, I have come to embrace other people’s differences. A diverse community of acceptance and peace is my perfect society. I am also a very driven person. Coming from a lower class family, and feeling very saddened when I reflect on the opportunities that other people easily had, but I could never get. I plan to become big in this world and provide my children with the opportunities I never had.
Hotten (2015) explains that Volkswagen, a well-known German car giant, was attaching software, known as a ‘defeat device’, to their diesel engines. “A defeat device is an auxiliary emission control device (AECD) that reduces the effectiveness of emission controls under conditions that the locomotive may reasonably be…
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