A Documentary About a New Universal Language Essay

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In the middle of September in the year 2013 a new passion was

discovered. It was a passion that created innumerable ideas but one of them

stood out and would soon be brought to life. At the end of May in 2014 a

documentary would be formulated from hard work and passion. This unique

documentary asking people their outlook on our world speaking one universal

language followed a plan that altered countless times because of complications

or because of a superior idea was brought to light. A similar situation occurred

with the goal for this Independent Research Project. In the inception of this

venture the objective was to create a universal language and a documentary with

interviews and information regarding the creation of the universal language. But,

as the process of IRP went on my target modified immensely. Instead of writing

a universal language the decision was made to ask people what they think of a

language for all mankind. This idea that has been worked on tirelessly and that

people have endeavored on for months to ask humanity one question.
The process to produce the final product was long and required patience,

effort, and perseverance. At the commencement of the project a large amount of

planning was involved. The process journal given to every student assisted in

the forethought for this project. After the planning concluded, lots of ideas for

the Independent Research Project were being jotted down. Ideas kept…