A Dog's Death

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A Dog’s Death
Katrina Canter
ENG 125- Introduction to Literature
Dr. Sarah Bowman
July 2, 2012

A Dog’s Death I chose A Dog’s Death to write about because it touched my heart. From the first line, I could tell that it was not going to be a good ending. I have lost animals before and I know what that emptiness feels like. I thought that I could not be whole again without my pet. In the poem, the author takes me through several emotions as well as several images and in the end sadness, sympathy for the owner and then empathy for the actions of the dog before she died (Clugston, 2010). The author uses the reader/response technique so that we can see and feel all the emotions of having a loved one die, whether it is a pet or a
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With the reader/ response technique of writing, we can see and feel all of the emotions that the author is projecting through the telling of this poem.

Clugston, R.W. (2010). Journey into Literature. Retrieved from chapter
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