A Dog's Purpose

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The author of the review claims A Dog’s Purpose moves too fast for its plot and results in a weird movie. A Dog’s Purpose is what the author uses to support his writing. Informing people on the movie is the reviews overall purpose. It also tells audiences the movie is not the greatest. This allows people who are considering to watch the movie to see it or not. The review gives a personal opinion and a one-point-five out of four stars rating. This is not a superlative rating, which could have an effect on the box office outcome. The audience of this review is those who are film buffs and people who are considering seeing A Dog’s Purpose. The ethos of the author is excellent. We can tell this because they have seen the movie and reviews on rogerebert.com.…show more content…
Within their article they discuss three different articles and their outcome. The first article they discuss doesn’t help my research, however, the other two do. The first source they use to provide evidence is about how mobile advertising can help ticket sales. This part of the editorials purpose was to examine the process of location-based advertising (LBA) on mobile phones. They found out these LBAs were more effective on people than pop-up ads on computers. Then, they discuss the effects the word of mouth has on ticket sales. Their data supports word of mouth effects the positivity or negativity on the sale of movie tickets. The authors are writing to people who do research and want to know more about movie sales. The ethos of the authors is great. Because this is an editorial, it is a reflection on the sources; therefore, they only have three sources. I tried to look up the articles which helped me. I found one and the sources were very credible and used lots of sources for their results. Compared to my other annotations this sources provides more data on advertising before a movie is released. This is comparable to my project on because I asked questions in my second method about word of mouth from critics and many didn’t care, however, this sources says it effects a movies sale. In the future this can help me by giving me more insight to what advertising influences moviegoers the
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