A Doll House And The Glass Menagerie Essay

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A Doll House and The Glass Menagerie Essay #5
In The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, and A Doll House, by Henrik Ibsen, each protagonist faces the difficulty of society’s rule. Tom, being the “man of the house”, provides for his family and is depended upon. Were as Nora is co-dependant of her puppet master of husband Torvald. Despite their differences, Tom and Nora parallel the flaws in their common daily lives. Tom was bequeathed the position of head of the house after his father, a former telephone man, “fell in love with long distances.” Nonetheless, Tom still craves “long distance.” He spends his daily life stuck in a shoe warehouse only to “[retire] to a cabinet of the washroom to work on poems.” Tom realizes that his family
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Tom’s guilty pleasure is going to the movies and bars, where as Nora’s is buying macarons against Torvald’s instruction. The two perform these actions and use what precious money they have to gain their personal idea of freedom. Tom goes out to get away from his restraining mother and sister. He knows that his mother does not approve of drinking and orders him to "promise, [he’ll]—never be a drunkard!" However, he uses alcohol to forget the day. On the other hand, Nora uses her macaroons as a form of power over Torvald. Torvald does not approve of her eating sweets, therefore she eats them in secret as a way to gain freedom from hold. Both characters share the same attribute of wanting freedom, even though they know it is difficult for them to gain due to their circumstances. Nevertheless, both have a sudden realization that they need to leave their homes. Tom’s curious persona takes control and he one day leaves his family. Nora realizes that she was just a “doll-child” that was “played with as [she] played with [her] dolls.” Each leave their families to explore the world for what it has to

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