A Doll House By Henrik Ibsen

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Nora Helmer is a very dynamic character, who goes through a complete transformation in the play, A Doll House. Her transformation is what makes the story interesting and gives someone hope to change their lives in a positive way, even if society tells them that they should only play a limited role in their own lives. Although Nora’s path to self-discovery is not a linear process, she ultimately reaches a new state of being that will serve her better in life. She eventually sees her limited role in her marriage with more clarity and finds the strength to change her situation to be free. In Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll House, Nora Helmer is a dynamic character, who goes through the process of self discovery to realize that she is a valuable…show more content…
Why do you imagine that?” (Ibsen 1248) She is trying to hide the fact that she was in fact eating macaroons and hiding it from Torvald. This is very representative of a parent-child relationship. The fact that Torvald wags his finger in her face, shows that he is like a father admonishing his mischievous daughter. Nora ultimately tells Torvald in her defense, “You know I could never think of going against you” (Ibsen 1248). This shows that she gives the appearance as though she would never disobey Torvald. Nora has another side to her personality that is more clever and independent. Nora is proud about this side of her personality. She tries to hide things from Torvald, because her role in their marriage is to only serve Torvald and not to take care of any financial matters. When talking to her friend Mrs. Linde, Nora says, “I’ve also got something to be proud and happy for” (Ibsen 1253). Nora is referring to the fact that she borrowed money from Krogstad in order to pay for a trip to heal her sick husband. She told Torvald that she got the money for the trip from her father. However, in reality she borrowed the money all by herself. She is very proud about the fact that she did financial business on her own. Even though she is proud of this secret, she makes sure to hide it from Torvald. She tells Mrs. Linde, “Not so loud. What if Torvald
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