A Doll House By Henrik Ibsen

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Imagine living in a world where one is looked down on just for being a specific gender. Where people do not care what opinion one has about anything because they already assume there is no possibility of any thought in mind. It does not seem like an ideal way to live, but that is how women felt in Norway, as well as around the world, in the late 1870’s. Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 play, “A Doll House,” demonstrates how women wore a façade in society when dealing with men, through the main character Nora. In the play “A Doll House”, the reader can have an idea on how some men in the late 1870s in Norway act towards women. After the people of Norway read and viewed the play, there was a lot of controversy over “A Doll House”, because of the main character Nora decisions. Ibsen himself stated that “for him the issue was more complex than just women 's rights and that he hoped to illuminate the problem of human rights” (Literature Resource Center). In the play “A Doll House” first act, Torvalds wife, Nora, is thought to be a ruthless spender by her husband, Torvald. He then states that women cannot possibly know the hardships one goes through to make money, but they do know how to spend it. Nora’s husband, Torvald treats Nora as a doll. Torvald does not permit her to eat any sweets, such as macaroons. He does not really think Nora is capable of doing anything besides spending money and entertaining him. Nora acts in a childish way in order to please her husband and making him feel

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