A Doll House By Henrik Ibsen

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In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House, a drama play, which takes place in Elmer’s house. It takes place during winter which begins when Nora enters through the door. In A Doll House, I believe the inciting incident is Torvalds promotion at the bank. They never have to worry about money again. Nora’s old friend, Mrs. Christine Linde, who is in need of help comes to visit Nora and ask for help. Torvald gives her a job. You also have Dr.Rank , who is a family friend who is slowly dying of tuberculosis. Things go very bad for Nora when Krogstad shows up because she borrowed money from him when her husband was very ill and forged her dad’s signature because she knew that her father was going to ask what she needed the money for and also she did not want to tell her ill father that her husband was very ill and needed help. Krogstad threatens Nora by telling her that if he gets fired, then he will tell Torvald the secret Nora is trying to hide. Krogstad gets fired and writes a letter to Torvald telling him about Nora’s secret. All these events lead up to the climax, which is Torvald reading Krogstad letter which makes him very angry with Nora saying all kinds of terrible things. Torvald reads the letter and causes conflict between him and Nora, which is why I believe this is the most dramatic point in the story because it causes a lot of conflict between Torvald and Nora causing them to fight. After Torvald thinks about what Nora means to him and thinks it over, he forgives her, but Nora

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