A Doll House By Henrik Ibsen

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“Et dukkehjem”, which is Norwegian for A Doll House, was written by Henrik Ibsen. “A Doll House” takes place in the Helmer home, which is located in an unspecified Norwegian town. In the 19th century men and woman were treated very differently. A woman’s role was to be a ‘house wife’ and to listen to her husband. In the story “A Doll House” the characters Torvald and Nora are married. Torvald like his role of being the provider or protector of Nora, but Torvald isn’t liked by many other characters. It’s easy to criticize Torvald for his actions, however he was just acting like most of the other guys during the Victorian period. Torvald isn’t an Antagonist or a Misogynist, instead he is just a product of the Era that he was raised in. The 19th century was a time of gender inequality in American and in Europe. The men where to work for the family and be the social member of the family. The men were to go out to work and socialize at the bar or at public places with other men. The women were to stay at home and spend their free time not socializing, but maintain the house and doing small jobs around the house. Their jobs included raising the children, cooking and cleaning for the household. During the 19th century the men had a lot of responsibility. Typically men were expected to ‘bring home the bacon’ and be the protector of the family. The problem with Torvald, in “A Doll House”, is he takes his protector role to the extreme. Even though Torvald cares about Nora he is
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