A Doll 's House, And Tom

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Nora, in A Doll’s House, and Tom, in The Glass Menagerie, are similar protagonists yet have very different characteristics. Both of them left their family that destroyed the family in some way in turn acting very selfishly, yet Tom has done worse in his circumstances because Amanda and Laura were dependant on him. Nora was a doll wife. She was coddled by her husband Torvald and realised she was really a doll at the end. She showed signs of really wanting to rebel by doing small acts of eating macaroons when they were forbidden, to a big act of breaking the law to get a loan to save her husband’s life. She also bargains with him a little when she says, “Your squirrel would run about and do all her tricks if you would be nice, and do what she wants(Ibsen 34).” So when she put the puzzle pieces together that she was a doll, she decided to go adventure and really experience life. That very important experience everyone should make so they can make decisions of their own, but at the price of leaving her husband without a wife and children without a mother even though Torvald was willing to change. Tom had a different yet similar experience. He had to provide financial support to his mother and sister because their father left them. Tom hates his job and wants to go find himself like young men at his age do but can’t due to his sister not able to provide for herself and no suitor coming her way. After an argument with his mother about the gentleman caller he brought to his…

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