A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen

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“A Doll’s House”, a revolutionary play written by Henrik Ibsen, shows the importance of women rights at a period and the time when they were neglected. Written in the nineteen century, the role of a woman was to stay at home, raise children and attend to one’s husband. Nora Helmer as the central character is portrayed as a victim, a trophy-wife to Torvald and oppressed by the society. As, the play progresses Nora keeps a secret from Torvald that eventually leads to dissolution of her marriage. After the surfacing of her secret, Nora discovers more than she had bargained for, expecting a“miracle” she finds out what kind of man she is married to, a typical husband in the Victorian Era society, Nora is a dynamic character in this play. Though she faces many progressions and grows from one character into another. It is through her character progressions that she discovers that she has been living a lie and she decides to open a new chapter of her life slamming the entryway of pretense and the doll ideology. The first miracle Nora expects to happen is Torvald would come and save her after learning of the sacrifice she had made for him in the name of love. Few years earlier, Torvald was terribly sick and needed money to get away for a while. With no money Nora took it upon herself to do all that she humanly could to help her husband get well, even if it meant borrowing. Unfortunately she forges her father’s signature and now Krogstad fear of loosing his job at the bank threaten…

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