A Doll 's House By Henrik Isben Essay

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A Doll’s House was published in Norway in 1879 by Henrik Isben. He is known as the father of Modern Theatre. He is also referred as the father of realism. The play is very interesting because of the funny dialogue, Ibsen 's view of the place of ladies in the public eye and the unique characters. The main characters of the play is Nora Helmer and her husband Torvald Helmer. Imagine what it would be like to live in a doll 's home? It 's a house in which you are controlled and have no energy to settle on any solid choice; It 's a house in which you are a play thing for another person 's amusement. This sounds a ton like an awful marriage, so it 's a house in which your husband holds the satchel strings, in a manner of speaking, and abandons you with no influence over your family 's accounts. In fact, your husband keeps you on a tightrope. Such is the perceived life of Nora Helmer. A Doll’s House is an example of a literacy work with numeral possible themes. The idea of the play is an expression of the need for women to escape from the confinement and restriction that they faced in nineteenth-century European society, it is supported by the condescending manner in which Torvald treats Nora and by his frequent references to the respective value of men and women. Another theme is in order for a marriage to be successful, the people involved should know and trust each other, show view each other as equals, and should have separate identities. Related to this idea is the theme that
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