A Doll 's House By Trevor Hill

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The Brigham Young University-Idaho Henrik Ibsen Series I chose to attend was A Doll’s House directed by Trevor Hill. The play was about Nora Helmer, set in the 1870’s. She is a loving mother and wife to all who entered her home. When Mrs. Linde entered her household, a friend, before either of them were married, Nora trusted her with a secret she had been hiding for quite some time. Years previous, Torvald (Nora’s husband) fell ill, and the only way to save his life was to get treatment in Italy. To get Torvald his treatment she had to receive a loan from the bank. We learn later that the only way she could get the loan, was through a man’s signature. She asked her father to sign the required documents. When the contract for the loan comes to light, we find out that Nora forged her father’s signature, because he had passed away days before the papers were signed.
Mr. Krogstad, the banker who gave her the loan, blackmails her for a better job. Torvald was recently promoted at the bank and has quite a bit of influence. Mrs. Linde and Mr. Krogstad were once in love, she uses that to persuade Krogstad to reconsider blackmailing Nora. They both agree to be together and Krogstad agrees to stop blackmailing Nora. Previously, he had written a letter explaining the situation to Torvald in their mailbox. Torvald reads the letter and is furious with Nora, demanding she never sees the children again, she will never leave the house. A moment later, the nanny comes in with a note from…

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