A Doll 's House : Dolls

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A Doll’s House: Dolls in Real Life
Today, the accepted roles of both women and men judged by society’s expectations is an extremely controversial topic. Feminism is a battle that many women are fighting, because even though today’s women can be and accomplish almost anything, men often play the more superior role in many relationships. The role of women has been viewed differently throughout different points in history and in different areas. However, many people don 't realize that the slight lack of power women seem to have nowadays has lessened with time, in all areas. Even though many may argue that men have an abuse of power in modern times, women have far more rights in government and society’s standings than they once had . A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen sheds light on the typical role of women in 1870’s Norway, showing how women were treated then: almost as objects with no real important place in society. This gives modern readers a clear view of how many more opportunities that women have nowadays. This essay will combat the derogatory view of women that many people may still have yet how it has lessened and changed . It will examine the role of men in the time period of the play as well. This essay will look into Ibsen’s life and motives for writing, because not only did he choose to give light to feminism, but he alluded to looking down on the role of men. It will explore what themes in the play that relate to Ibsen’s personal life. This essay

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