A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen Research Paper

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Fog called Kindness Kindness should be shown to everyone. Whether this kindness is shown towards a close family member or towards a dislikable classmate, the act of showing kindness allows for happiness to be created among individuals for a more preferable environment. Although this act of kindness can also result in hindering someone’s future as it can shroud the truth in a fog of kindness. Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” shows that when an individual experiences a lack of kindness, it gives the individual the clarity necessary to determine their own destiny. Kindness is wonderful and can even save lives. This kindness can range from giving food to the poor to saving someone from a potential carcrash. Nora’s kindness did in fact save a life. That life being of Torvald’s which allowed him the vacation he needed in order to destress and return him back to health. Nora…show more content…
Through Nora’s development as she gives kindness and receives this false kindness in return shrouded the truth and resulting in her believing that what she did was proper and should be her destiny. However through the lack of kindness that she received from Krogstad, Kristine, and even Torvald she eventually realizes that she was infact not treated kindly and that she needed to find the path towards her own destiny that would better herself. Though being kind to others is desirable course of action, showing kindness can eventually warp or even blind the sight of an individual's path towards deciding their own destiny as kindness can shrouds and blurs the image of truth and may believe in a false image. By properly showing kindness and lack of kindness to an individual then that is when the individual is properly able to see their path towards deciding their own destiny while still properly treated as an
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