A Doll's House Gender

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A Doll House is a play that truly revolutionized the idea of gender role and social conformity. The idea itself is the root of many problems even in today's modern society. The main character Torvald Helmer is one of those who was raised by the idea of gender role and strong masculinity and was seen living by the standards that society assign him to. With his wife Nora, the character that plays center around to are quite the opposite. Nora may be seen as nothing but a wife to a husband yet she hold many secrets that only a broken mirrors can reveal in a male dominant society where men write all the laws. That immediately make her victims of failing to follow the societal norms that never gave her anything in the first place. The Theme of “A…show more content…
(I 712).
Otherwise, their perspective is interpreted from the character actions, though actions speak louder than words, it doesn’t make those words the truth. Through this exchange of dialogues between Helmer and Nora, one would conclude that this is nothing new or strange. It is just a typical families exchanging conversation and Nora excited about seeing her husband from work.
It is just Helmer calling Nora cute little nicknames because it is cute. However, this change Nora let out a little secret when she met her old friend. “A Wife can’t borrow without her husband's consent” (I 718). At this point the audience view on Nora changed immediately, she who was just a normal wife is now a liar. Nora needed money to save her husband's life and she was willing to borrow money from some sources that were unknown to the audience yet. If she did that who knows what else she did that is against the norm of society? She would become victims by breaking the norm by borrowing money without her husband’s permission and it would destroy her reputation and her husband's reputation as well. This proves how she was given any liability to do anything on her own.The author choice’s of writing in a style of a play is to slowly reveal the secrets sacrificed that Nora was forced to do to save her husband’s life. The impression of Nora was changed from being a normal housewife to someone who dares borrow money on her own account. Society conforms her to act a certain way and in a
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